Dehumanization of the Tennessee Walking show horse

DEHUMANIZATION – An act or process of undermining or taking away human qualities or human personalities; reducing a human to a single negative characteristic. It’s a mental trick, a disturbingly successful mental trick, that is designed to turn normal and good people into social dominants or superiors. Dehumanizing someone or group can start a cycle […]


Bald Stockings was foaled in 1837 and is the first horse on record to have performed the classic running walk that is now known as a signature gait of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Tennessee Walking Horse biographer, Ben Green, notes that other horses came along to demonstrate the running walk before the great war (Civil […]


This proposed regulation alleges that it relies on an OIG (Office of Inspector General) report published September 2010, a document that is six years old. This proposed regulation offers to re-write existing regulations and add new regulations. It is 101 pages long. Given the length and complexity, we’ll be breaking it down into sections. Although […]

The Horse Protection Act

The Horse Protection Act can be found in its entirety at 15 USC (United States Code), Chapter 44. Section 1824 specifically prohibits the shipping, transport, moving, delivering or receiving of any horse which is sore with reason to believe that such horse while it is sore may be shown, exhibited, entered for the purpose of […]

About this site and the Tennessee Walking Horse

This is my first attempt at a blog.  I am certainly not as hip with social media as today’s world demands.  I prefer the quiet peacefulness of the country to the social media world.  I do believe it is very important to provide the social media world with some important facts about the Tennessee Walking […]