Dehumanization of the Tennessee Walking show horse

DEHUMANIZATION – An act or process of undermining or taking away human qualities or human personalities; reducing a human to a single negative characteristic. It’s a mental trick, a disturbingly successful mental trick, that is designed to turn normal and good people into social dominants or superiors. Dehumanizing someone or group can start a cycle […]


Bald Stockings was foaled in 1837 and is the first horse on record to have performed the classic running walk that is now known as a signature gait of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Tennessee Walking Horse biographer, Ben Green, notes that other horses came along to demonstrate the running walk before the great war (Civil […]


As if buying horses at auction; euthanizing horses (51% of horses bought in 2013 were euthanized), and raising money isn’t enough to keep Horse Plus Humane Society busy…… On July 11, 2018, a Facebook post by Horse Plus is asking for donations to help change Tennessee laws to change the classification of livestock as pets […]