As if buying horses at auction; euthanizing horses (51% of horses bought in 2013 were euthanized), and raising money isn’t enough to keep Horse Plus Humane Society busy……

On July 11, 2018, a Facebook post by Horse Plus is asking for donations to help change Tennessee laws to change the classification of livestock as pets as well as allow “humane” groups the right to seize livestock. A petition started by Horse Plus has garnered over 7000 signatures and is targeting Representative Johnny Shaw. Such changes would have horrific consequences to all aspects of animal agriculture. Please contact Johnny Shaw at and your Tennessee State lawmakers to show your opposition to Horse Plus Humane Society’s skewed views of welfare. Remember that your opposition is not opposition to animal welfare, but rather is support of Tennessee’s Agriculture.

On July 25, 2018, Jason and Tawnee Preisener, owners of Horse Plus, sued Maury County, Tennessee Sherrif Bucky Rowland for “depriving” them of their First and Fourteenth Amendment Constitutional rights. The lawsuit stems from being asked to leave a restricted area at a horse show on June 1, 2018. What the Preisners probably don’t know, federal law prohibits “interferring” with inspections that are being carried out at these horse shows. As a result of the federal law, horse show organizers and participants are required to adhere to strict guidelines set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture. Those guidelines include that a participating horse is only allowed three persons to be in the restricted area with it, and those three persons are mostly the trainer, an assistant and the rider.

Most that follow this page are familiar with Seay, but may not be familiar with Horse Plus. Here are a few unedited comments, posted publicly, about Horse Plus:

November 2014 – This is NOT a horse rescue, this is a scam and the animals pay the price. They are NOT a HUMANE Society, it is Just a name. People do not realize this, they are misleading and dishonest. Their mission is to keep horses from going to slaughter, BUT they have a HIGH Euth rate as they do not work with horses to get them re homed. They are suppose to have gelding clinics but they kill stallions so there is no more breeding. Sadly the name is misleading and people need to return their adoptive animals there to find out Tawnee is allowed to use certain words that will allow her to KILL Euthanize the horse. Words Like not adoptable, dangerous, is her common language for killing them. their mission is to keep horses from going to slaughter, BUT it is what this non profit does that is not what the general public knows of. sign over your horse along with MONEY,, and high risk of that horses dead in 30 days

April 2012 – Horse plus kills 90% at least, of the horses that people pay to surrender or they have donations to get horses from auctions. They do not know how to train or properly care for horses and kill horses untrained calling them “dangerous”. They are nothing but money greedy killers! they do nothing to rehabilitate to help the horse get a proper home. I watched them load up 9 horses crammed in a trailer and left the property for over an hour with the horses standing in the trailer without anyone on the property at all. it is likely they hauled them to the rendering service where they were all put down in the trailer. (which people have witnessed before) they are dangerous people. no horse is safe around them. God help the horses that get stuck in thier hands. Ive never seen such heartless people.

December 2010 – These people are power mongers! They put horses down so readily that do not need to be! They bully people into turning thier horses into them then turn around a put it down cause its “ugly’. I found out that my horse was distroyed 2 days after I took it to them unknowingly of how they are. I would give anything to have my horse back and alive! he was better off with me than dead. a 6 year old broke trail horse that was not lame did not deserve this! I want to sue them for there cold hearted lying! they are Con Artists and need to be stopped. They sounded so sincere i believed them. They need to be euthanized!