I cannot believe that the Master of Rumors and Unsubstantiated Claims actually warned of believing such rumors and unsubstantiated claims.

Of course, when H$U$ and/or Pacelle have spewed rumors, propaganda and unsubstantiated claims, they have always felt entitled, as a self appointed authority, that people should believe their rumors and unsubstantiated claims 110% – without question. Now that H$U$ CEO Wayne Pacelle is the subject of a sexual harassment investigation, Pacelle has quickly changed his mind about believing rumors and unsubstantiated claims. What remains, is his persistence that we all should believe everything he says, regardless.

The Washington Post and other news outlets have published reports that H$U$ hired a law firm to investigate sexual harassment behavior by Pacelle. In subsequent reports, these news outlets make references to facts contained in a memo describing the law firm’s investigation and some of its findings. Here are some fast facts:

HSUS offered settlements to three workers who were demoted or dismissed after reporting inappropriate behavior by Pacelle. Two asserted they lost their job after reporting Pacelle’s sexual behavior in the office.

The period of time involved goes back to 2005 – more than a decade ago!

There is a perception that certain women owed their career success to romantic relationships with Pacelle.

Pacelle was warned that sex with subordinates, donors and volunteers would hurt the charity.

Some employees defended Pacelle as having engaged in consensual relations with adults, while others say he created a toxic environment at the workplace.

Workers felt they had to sleep with Pacelle in order to advance their career.

As of this date, H$U$ has not released the memo of the investigation. Since the investigation involves subordinates, donors and volunteers of a world wide charity, doesn’t H$U$ owe it to these people to release the memo? #HSUSreleasethememo