In addition to the affects mentioned in our prior post, the following will affect specifically the Tennessee Walking horse and Racking horse:

All action devices, except for bell boots that meet the requirements (soft plastic or soft leather), are prohibited on any Tennessee Walking Horse or racking horse at any horse show, exhibition, sale, or auction effective 30 days from publication of the Final Rule in the Federal Register.

All pads and wedges on Tennessee Walking Horses or racking horses at any horse show, exhibition, sale, or auction will be banned effective January 1, 2018, unless such horse has been prescribed and is receiving therapeutic, veterinary treatment using pads or wedges.

**The use of any such pads or wedges on a horse receiving therapeutic treatment must be prescribed by and/or under the supervision of a person licensed to practice veterinary medicine, and must: (i) Be necessary for the treatment of a specific disease or injury that has not responded to other appropriate treatments in accordance with established veterinary medical practice and procedures, (ii) Be specifically designed and prescribed (for example, as to the height, weight, and material of a therapeutic pad) for the treatment of the horse’s disease or injury, and

(iii) Be discontinued at the conclusion of the treatment period ordered by the prescribing or supervising veterinarian.

All substances are prohibited on the extremities above the hoof of any Tennessee Walking Horse or racking horse while being shown, exhibited, or offered for sale, or otherwise present on the grounds at any horse show, exhibition, sale, or auction effective 30 days from publication of the Final Rule in the Federal Register. (Glycerin, Petroleum and other previously acceptable lubricants are now banned under the New Regulation)

Performances of 2-year-old Tennessee Walking Horses and racking horses and working exhibitions of 2-year-old Tennessee Walking Horses and racking horses (horses eligible to be shown or exhibited in 2-year-old classes) at horse sales or horse auctions that exceed a total of 10 minutes continuous workout or performance without a minimum 5-minute rest period between the first such 10-minute period and the second such 10- minute period, and, more than two such 10-minute periods per performance, class, or workout are prohibited. (Unchanged/Existing Regulation)

After years of being unfairly targeted, these rule changes come as no surprise to the walking horse industry. This is exactly where industry attorneys predicted we would be when we first heard of the possibility of another proposed federal rule, even before we knew what the rule actually was. This is why the walking horse industry hired a law firm months ago and why our legal team spent countless hours formulating responsive comments which are now part of the official record.

If you are part of the walking horse industry or racking horse industry, the time is now to be fully committed to seeing this through. We must pull together and win this for our horses. #WalkProud and #Rack Proud! Please make a donation today to the legal fund – (Signing up for recurring donations is encouraged but all contributions are greatly appreciated!).

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