Most everyone has seen HSUS commercials of the pitiful puppy or kitten, asking for a donation, which will make you a humane hero. What many may not know, HSUS does not own or operate a single shelter in the United States. From millions of dollars donated by caring people, HSUS donates less than 1% to actual shelters who are working to make a difference in the lives of animals ,while HSUS execs line their pockets, throw lavish parties for the rich and famous, and use their lobbying division to influence laws at every level of government from banning hunting to implementing restrictions on raising livestock. Their lobbying division keeps scorecards on every federal congressmen, with the higher the rating being an indication of how those legislatures have voted for animal rights. HSUS is an animal rights organization, not an animal welfare organization. What is the difference between animal rights and animal welfare, are they not one and the same? No, absolutely not. Animal welfare is based in science, legitimate animal husbandry, while animal rights is based in emotion and is based on the simple premise that no one has the right to use an animal for any purpose – that the animal has the same rights as humans.

Wayne Pacelle, President of HSUS, has stated that he would prefer never to see another dog or cat be born. He opposes the use animals as a food source, even when the animal is not harmed like for milk products or eggs. Pacelle has also spoken on record that he has no fondness for animals. Pacelle is also criticized by other animal rights activists for betraying animals he pledged to protect, for calling for the deaths of Michael Vick’s dogs while raising funds to save them to championing Vick stating he would make a good dog owner (Vick staged dog fighting, housed and trained dogs to fight, and engaged in hanging and drowning dogs that did not perform well.), and routinely championing the killing of dogs and cats, including pit-type two week old puppies who where being bottle fed in North Carolina and were termed by Pacelle as “irremediably vicious and should be put to death”. Following Hurricane Katrina, HSUS raised approximately $30,000,000.00 to help animals impacted by Katrina, but yet only spent $4,000,000.00. The list goes on and on and on. You can learn more about HSUS by visiting humanewatch.or


Constance Harriman Whitfield, wife of Congressman Ed Whitfield (KY) transitioned into a “new role” at HSUS last year following an Ethics Investigation of Congressman Whitfield wherein it was concluded that Whitfield improperly aided his wife’s lobbying work on behalf of HSUS by permitting his wife to use his congressional office to advance and facilitate her lobbying activities. We’re not sure what her “new role” is, but she has consistently displayed no regard for her husband’s political career or oath of office while she furthers to endear herself to HSUS.

Keith Dane, Vice President of Horse Protection since 2007, was formerly with FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses) before accepting the VP position with HSUS. Dane is a former Thom MCan shoe salesman and Assistant Manager that joined several equine groups like FOSH, obtained a couple of judging licenses, and became an “expert” or “specialist” on horses although he holds no veterinarian or animal science degree. Dane is a resident of Maryland, divorced from Beatrice Reese Dane in 1998. Prior to their divorce, the couple competed in Tennessee Walking Horse shows. Following their divorce, Bea Dane served at TWHBEA Director from 2005-2011. When Bea Dane’s term as TWHBEA Director expired, Keith Dane was elected to that position by two votes. In an article from a few years back, Keith Dane made the statement “All too often, you have to cheat to win in this sport.” Could it be that Dane’s hatred of the Tennessee Walking Horse stems from lack of accolades while showing? It is also interesting to mention, that Dane has judged equine competitions in recent years where no inspectors were present to ensure compliance with the Horse Protection Act. It is very difficult to understand why a person whose job is to protect horses would agree to judge a show where horses are not protected.


Marty Irby, Senior Director of Rural Outreach and Equine Protection, is the former President of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association. While President of TWHBEA, Irby is quoted as saying “Walking horses are born and bred with three natural gaits – a flat walk, running walk and ‘rocking chair canter’ – and to say they have to be sored to walk is patently false” Concerning the Past Act, which would ban padded horse shoes, Irby stated “To consider amendment of the Horse Protection Act regulations currently in place regarding the action device and pads would be to take action to address a problem which simply does not exist with no scientific proof to the contrary.” Irby claims to have an epiphany that the use of padded shoes on some Tennessee Walking Horses was wrong and spurred him to become an advocate against their use. Ironically, Irby was still showing padded Tennessee Walking Horses for at least a year after his purported epiphany. It wasn’t until after Irby was banned by the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration (world championships) for extortion that he became an advocate for banning padded horse shoes. Irby testified before Congress just days before being employed by Representative Whitfield. During the Whitfield ethics investigation, Irby disclosed having a USDA “insider”. That insider is Rachel Cezar, Horse Protection Coordinator, for the USDA who opposes the use of padded shoes – the same Rachel Cezar who sent an email to USDA inspectors reminding them not to mention that they’re only working horse protection for the money and reminding them not to mention that they don’t like horses or know horses. It appears as though Irby may have had another epiphany but this time concerning the Thoroughbred industry. Just last year, Irby and friends appeared on social media to have a great time of cocktails and wagering at the races, but now Irby and his employer, HSUS, is supporting federal regulation for the Thoroughbred industry. Now that Irby has divested himself of Tinder, we’re sure to see more social media posts about “Meatless Monday” and comparing human trafficking to soring.

HSUS continues to maintain that soring is rampant and soring is rewarded at horse shows. This claim is despite the fact that horses go through a thorough inspection process before being allowed to compete and thus have been passed as not sored in order to compete. This is also despite the fact that the USDA prosecutes approximately 4-6% of the allegations of abuse they review. HSUS uses misleading statements like “87.5% positive for prohibited substances” but yet conveniently omits that all substances, including dirt and fly spray, are prohibited in an attempt to get their viewers to believe that soring is rampant. Soring is a felony in the State of Tennessee. HSUS offers a $10,000.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone soring, but to our knowledge has yet to pay out any reward money. HSUS continues to use overweight action devices and illegal padded shoes as props despite knowing that in doing so they are intentionally misleading people.

Regardless of which HSUS mouthpiece is speaking, you can be assured that actual real facts will not be forthcoming and you’ll probably be asked for a donation.

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